Burst of Spirit

I actually did this journal page yesterday, but it was a day filled with things I had to do...but it has actually served me better to revisit it today and REALLY understand what the appreciation of the day was...and the message.

Up and out of the house early I went to take my 85 year old Mother to the Doctor, she can hardly walk anymore because her knee is bone on bone...the news was either have surgery for a knee replacement, or hope that the cortisone shots will give her temporary relief...The jury is still out on what will be done, but she is NOT really wanting to do the surgery....and then there were errands to be run, and a haircut...and when I came home...I found that my dishwasher was not functioning properly...So I got out the book, took apart the dishwasher, and cleaned and tweaked it...not once but 3 separate times...and guess what...a new dishwasher now will be purchased as I am sure that the motor is not working fully as it no longer drains properly...

However, I worked through everything with a happy spirit...and I accomplished a great deal by placing my energy into the things that were most challenging. I felt energized both physically and mentally...allowing me to tackle things without feeling overwhelmed...I felt confident as I worked on the dishwasher...allowing me to believe in myself, knowing that I could take care of the things that needed to be done without stressing out....I felt vital and alive.

This burst of spirit...this renewed energy allowed me to go beyond myself...it allowed me to face the tasks that perhaps in the past I would of avoided, because I might not have thought I could handle them successfully.

Today, I am so appreciative of my burst of spirit...it allowed me to get through parts of my day without giving up...giving in...or giving way to fear. Today, I am aware that acknowledging and being aware of this energized spirit will always help me to overcome anything that I feel is standing in my way...Today, I know that my burst of spirit is helping me to grow.

LIFE IS GOOD! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. I can hear you now, "today I GET to take apart the dishwasher." Woohoo!

    Thanks to JB for that bit of refined thinking!


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