Am I dreaming....pinch me!

I have always dreamed of going to Paris...
By the time I am 60 I said I would go....but life as we know it sometimes just gets in the way of our dreams....
HA! I turned 60 in September of 2011...YES! 60 years YOUNG! And I have given myself PERMISSION (taking my own advice is often not the easiest thing to do!)and I have booked a river boat cruise down the Seine River for 10 days! I am over the moon happy with myself for giving myself permission to make this dream come true! And I am STILL 60!! LOL....I am shouting it from the roof top...doing the happy dance and dreaming of the adventure ahead of me....


  1. Well, how cool is that! My writing coach spent a month in Paris last summer for her 50th. She has written a book about Van Gogh and spent a lot of time in Arles. She picked sunflowers and lavender right off the side of the road. Her travel logs were awesome.

    I'm so excited for you. When is it?

  2. Oh Pattie! I am so happy for and proud of you for boeing good to yourself! So many amazing thing happening in your world right now—thanks for sharing your joy and excitement!

  3. Oh I am soooo happy for you Pattie. I'm doing a happy dance for you! xoxo Ryn

  4. You won't regret it Pattie, if I had to suggest one place everyone should go to experience it would be Paris. I went for work and based on that Mary and I spent our honeymoon between Paris and Antibe. It was absolutely magical. Take thousands of pictures because you will want to revisit them and relive the experience. Love you Tim


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