Today, would of been my 28th Wedding is the first year that I am alone. In 2 more days the 1st year will be over (April 15th) and I will be venturing into the 2nd year...I am feeling better...I am placing one foot in front on the other every day... making a little more progress...I am alone, but I am not lonely most of the time...So many wonderful things are happening for me that I sometimes have to pinch myself....The other day, I ordered a bracelet for myself to celebrate this is a TRUTH bracelet by Tori Hartman...I bought it to remind myself to speak my my truth and stand in my truth. When I received it...there was a little tag attached to it and inside it talks about the bracelet...but the line that grabbed me was: "THIS BRACELET IS THE PROTECTOR, LIKE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IT GOVERNS AND PROTESTS THE WEARER.  YOU ARE ABOUT TO REINVENT WHO YOU ARE.  MAY IT BLESS YOU."
Now, out of all the websites...out of all the bracelets for sale...what are the odds that a message like this would come MY way from a gift for myself on my Anniversary?!?!
You have to LOVE the universe and the messages it provides!

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  1. Got goosebumps?

    My heart is with you on these last firsts. As you think about, remember, and honor the anniversaries, may you also embrace all the possiblities in front of you.

    Sending love.


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