Permission to go with the flow!

I have the feeling that I have been in a whirl wind!! SO much has happened in less than 2 weeks time, that even now in the quiet of the morning my head and heart still spin.

I have a reunion with my son, the child that I thought I would never know....unlocking a flood of emotion!

I had a very successful book signing, here in Rochester! (if you haven't done yourself a favor and purchased one is your opportunity to!...Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book till May 26th will be going to Veteran's Outreach Center of Rochester in memory of Michael J. Mosca  (NOW AVAILABLE at:  pjmosca.  And it will be signed with a few other goodies thrown in too!!)

My brother, who lives in Florida, came for 4 days when my Mother had her knee replacement surgery (she is 86) and so he took a bit of pressure off of myself and my sister. THANK YOU ROBERT!  She is now in rehab and is improving every day....

After a long and good life (18 years) I had to put my cat...KITT...down on Monday.  Kitt had a stroke last month and lost his eye sight and his hearing...He had progressively gone down hill in this past month...till I was now carrying him up and down stairs...he cried so much...and could no longer jump into chairs...and then stopped eating....I WILL MISS HIM!  

So, what have I learned in these past is just full of ebbs and flows....and I have my sails up and I am riding the waves!!  I have given myself permission to be proud and happy and excited for myself...without feeling any kind of guilt....I have given myself permission to share my stories, myself, fully and with heart....I have given myself permission to cry when I need to...

Permission is a strong and powerful thing!  And I am so happy that it has become a very good habit in my life! May you give yourself the permission that you need today!



  1. I really like all your "permission slips" but this one speaks to me today. I love all the details.

  2. Love watching the wind fill your sails dearest Pattie! much love!


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