The Muse Is In...An Owner's Manual to your creativity by Jill Badonsky

Today I am going to review Jill Badonsky's newest book: The Muse Is In..An Owner's Guide To Your Creativity. Because this book is all about creativity, and how to get yourself to honor that side of you I am going to take the liberty to write this review in my creative way!

I bought my creativity car quite a while ago. What a beauty she was...all shiny and new filled with paints, pens, and all sorts of paper! Her engine was running on all four cylinders and her gas tank was filled with ideas. She was always taking me on long and satisfying trips. I could ride in that car all day long and into the wee hours of the morning. Her engine revving...her lights shining with me in the drivers seat smiling and happy.

But something happened along the route we were taking. She seemed to be losing some of her "shine"...some of her "get up and go"...some of her "gas". And then... she pulled over to the side of the road and stalled. I sat there with her for awhile...trying to coach her...bringing new art supplies to tease her with, trying to pump her up with the lure of a retreat or a new pen. But, NO she would not move. I was running out of ideas and knew it was time to bring her into the mentor for a tune-up. I opened the glove compartment and took out the manual, the owner's guide to my creativity.

After reading the introduction I started to find some of the ways to get this car back on her path. I did some of the exercises...found some fringe benefits and took a deep breath into the vastness of my being. My state of mind was ready...I was finding courage...patience...focus...passion...and willingness once again. There were gizmos, tools and lots of trouble shooting ideas within the pages. I was beginning to find my thinking cap motor was humming...and I was being fine tuned. Slowly that creativity car started to move...the motor turned sputtered a bit but with the day to day maintenance I am once again driving down the road to creativity. I am once again in the
drivers seat smiling and happy.

Every now and then your creativity needs a little tune up...a push...a little jump start. If you find yourself on the side of the road, in need of a little gas, a jump start or a full on tune-up, then I highly suggest that you grab a copy of Jill Badonsky's book:
The Muse Is In...An Owner's Manual to Your Creativity, to help yourself back on your path and moving in your creative direction.

Now it is up to you to fill your creativity tank! After I receive 10 comments, a copy will be available to win! So go ahead...COMMENT...let your creativity get the tune-up you just might be needing today!

(this fish is here and in the book to remind you of your passion for creativity. Swim deep...take a deep breath into your vastness...follow the flow with the manual!)


  1. I am ready to swim in the sea of creativity.
    Thanks for reviewing the book!

  2. Another swimmer here, curious about Jill's approach... hoping you get 8 more comments so I'll win her book.;) I love the Rob Brezny quote you posted, so true (and why did I ever focus mostly on what went wrong?!) My recently established Gratitude Garden is a much more fertile place for my creativity to bloom!


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