The beginning of the challenge of writing on this blog for 30 days straight!
So, I ask myself...how do I do this? What do I write about? I use to do a mandala journal every day...painting a small circular drawing and then finding the meaning within that space by asking myself...What is it that I need to be aware of today? It worked for me and I kept those journals for years...I even have a blog (which has long since gathered dust over the past year) if you care to look at that you can view the many years at: FROM THE INSIDE OUT

My mind wraps around this challenge and I need to trust today...trust myself that I can get back into writing...trust that I have something to say...trust that my words will be able to flow from within onto these pages...TRUST.


Today I set the intention to place my trust in the universe. I will take a few moments every day and turn my focus inward... picturing the universe as a protective energetic force enveloping me and quieting my fears...feeling the comfort and assurance that the universe will take care of me...
My fears about my purpose and the shape my life is taking can sometimes seem overwhelming, and even though I want to go in a certain direction, life sometimes leads me down an entirely different path. Understanding that this is the way of things, however, helps me realize that my life is not always formed by my intention but by the universe itself. By putting my trust in the universe today, I will lessen my apprehension and let my life unfold as it is meant to.


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