National Blog Posting Month
Mail from Mary came today, and she is participating in NABLOPOMO or National Blog Posting Month...My head wrapped around the braveness of it, committing to writing every day for the month of November...I shook my head and thought NO WAY, could I do that...Could I stand the failure after starting out strong and then falling on my face after a few days?

WHY SO NEGATIVE? Do you NOT have faith in yourself? (the Angel on my shoulder asked) but being Halloween the little devil on the other side laughed loudly and fiercely...I shook my head again, this time so hard that the little devil tumbled down off my shoulder and fell hard on the ground hitting its head, stunned, unable to move for the moment when I decided (with the Angels help) GO AHEAD...GO FOR IT...WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

So dear Mary....I will stand beside you...I will write with you...I will do my best to follow your lead...No promises...just my best effort will be released! May the keyboard be with us!!!
Life is Good!

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