My light...

Today, I am enjoying my light...the light from within that allows me to see myself clearer...I am taking responsibility for the choices I have made...not beating myself up for not doing some of the things on my list in order to do the things that are most important to my heart instead at this time...I am enjoying the quiet of this morning...having my coffee and picking up paint brushes and pens brings a lightness to me and makes me smile...Today, I feel at ease having completed my intention of once again coming into the studio early...I see that I am moving forward with my light and truth...I see that my heart is full of happiness..

Today, my light surrounds me...I am very aware that:

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  1. This reminds me of a PP&M song on one of my CHristmas compilations. Don't Let the Light Go out. Even when my light is kind of dim, the song plays on in my mind to remind me there is so much more to come.


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