As i move forward, I will be aware:
. to be myself
. to know what I long to create
. to focus on the significance NOT the success
. to be happy
. to be positive
. to CHOOSE the dream.

Today, I listened to a webcast by Patti Digh, if you haven't read her books or you don't know who she is, introduce yourself to her via her website...37 Days You'll be glad you did!

So after listening to her and following some of her prompts i came up with my list of things to let go of and things to create this year. The above list is my life line for the year and I so appreciate having listened to that webcast today. I so appreciate the place I am in life at this moment. I so appreciate the people who surround me. Today, I am aware that I have so much to be thankful for and I am moving forward feeling totally blessed.


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