Today, I am appreciative of being able to choose...I can choose the way I look at things, the way I respond to things. What it is about choice that I notice today, is that it can change my perspective, it can change my mood, it can change my life if I allow it to.

Today, I am choosing to be grateful for all that I am.
Today, I am choosing to appreciate the strength that I have to not only overcome obstacles, but to allow myself to be open to all the possibilities before me.
Today, I am choosing to see the beauty of my life...of my creativity...of my voice.
Today, I am choosing to forgive...not only myself but others.
Today, I am choosing LOVE.

Today, I am opening up my appreciation to allow myself to release and explore.


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  1. Every day I look at the bird ornament you sent, and these mandelas. I wish I could do that I say to myself. I'm tempted to draw a circle and see what happens. Could be a metaphor for life, right?


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