May 14, 2012
Invitation to Bond


A hospitable and warmhearted mood may come over you today, prompting you to offer hospitality whenever the opportunity presents itself. You may find yourself in a position to invite a family member into your home, aid a colleague with a personal problem, or give your time and resources generously to improve the lives of others. Your welcoming and earnest demeanor can attract those that are too timid to introduce themselves or ask for the pleasure of your company. You may discover that loved ones who typically approach interpersonal relations tentatively open their hearts to you joyfully, grateful for the warm welcome you’ve offered. Consider today that this can be the perfect time to seek out the companionship of those individuals with whom you wish to establish a deeper relationship.

When we welcome others into our lives, we send a clear signal that we are enthusiastic about developing new and stronger intimate interpersonal connections. Often, people blessed with a host of loving friends and relatives are hesitant to reach out to others because they feel their maximum capacity for bonding has been reached. The truth is that the heart will grow to encompass all those good and special individuals whom we encounter in our personal journeys. As we invite others to play a role in our experiences, people formerly afraid to take part in our lives immediately feel comfortable sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings, as well as divulging their own. People will be drawn to you today because they sense your heartfelt hospitableness. 

This certainly speaks volumes to me!!  Everyday will bring a deeper bond! 

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