Second Chances...

"Second chances come along all the time. It's up to us to recognize them."
—  Katherine Russell Rich

I have always been told that you don't get second chances...its a belief that I have held as truth. However I have found in the past few days that it is completely untrue! And then across my mail comes this quote this morning that validates that untruth.

So often we think that if we don't do something right the first time that we just can't do it at all...I wonder why we have such a need for perfection... I know that I certainly can attest to that perfection thought process. I remember when I started to take Ti Chi and I was so frustrated with myself when the moves did not come quickly and instructor sat me down and told me that if I was looking for perfection than perhaps this was not the class that I should be taking...because life was a life time of learning...and that no one learns to dance in a day. I had to take this knowledge and let it sink in...and my life shifted...I gave myself permission to be a beginner.

I begin anew every day...I have a good day because I choose too as my feet hit the ground....I am learning to say YES when I want to and NO when I need to. I am letting myself have the freedom of knowing that there are no mistakes in life...just opportunities to learn more not only about myself but about others. Sure do I still feel sometimes that I need to have things perfect...YES...but I take that thought more often than not and smooth out the wrinkles and allow it to soften around the edges. Certainly one does not change a life time of thinking in a day...but rather slowly and gently.

So here today, is a hip...hip...hooray for SECOND CHANCES!! I have been blessed with the biggest second chance of my life time...I hold it close to my heart...I sing it as loud as I can...I shout it from the roof tops at the top of my lungs...I rise to the occasion with all that I am.

Today, may you recognize your second chances...and may you give yourself permission to embrace it fully!


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