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Looking for articles to kick start your creativity? Looking for a place to connect with kindred spirits? Well...take my advice and sign up for the newsletter from Creativity just has so much to offer.
Chris Dumire is the wonder women behind this site. She has different articles written by people who are
specialist in their fields and brings you so much information.

Chris was ever so kind to step out of her zone of not reviewing books anymore and agreed to review my book for me. I must say I am humbled by what she wrote...but it reaffirmed that permission is something we all need...and yet we rarely give it to ourselves...So grab your copy of the book...leave the book open to a page that you need...cut one out and tape it where you will see it...give one to a friend...Sit back and relax while you leaf through this colorful book....YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!!

You can read her review on Creativity Portal.


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