Here we are again!!

I spent a week with my son and his family...I just can't seem to drink in enough of them!! I am not sure if the impact of this all has completely hit me...but each day I grow closer to them I am happier. I relayed to a friend the other day that I am happier than I have been in 42 years...I am not slighting my life...I am not overlooking the events that have taken place...I am not dismissing any of them...but rather I am acknowledging that something was missing within my heart...there was a space that was locked up and it is now open...which is allowing me to discover a happiness that is bigger than big! Another thing that I have noticed is that my anxiety level is almost non-existent!!  I mean really...All of a sudden I had no problem driving by myself at night...why is that?  All of a sudden I am actually making a meal for myself instead of TV dinners....all of a sudden it seems that I am sleeping better.
Now I'm not sure why all this is taking place now...but I have to attribute it to being happy...of letting go of the rock of silence that I have carried around for so long...All I know is that...


  1. Big smile here. Happy looks good on you.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! LIFE **IS** GOOD! Much love to you Pattie! xoxo


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