Another Bone Sigh that strikes a cord!

I think by now everyone knows I love the talented and wonderful Terri St. Cloud (the creator and artist of Bone Sigh Arts)...Although I have never met Terri in person I have had the honor to know her over the net for years now...and she has such a HUGE heart!! During the time that Michael was sick she was so supportive...sending cards and books my way to heal my heart..(as did Merry Me and so many others! I still can't thank these cyber space friends enough)

So here we are today...and I was reflecting on the upcoming Thanksgiving...and how much this year is different from all the others in the past...not the turkey...or cranberry sauce...but this is a year where I am thankful for so much.."the fullness...the depths...the journey... the DANCE OF LIFE."

she closed her eyes and thought of her year. it couldn't be just the "good" she was thankful for. it had to be the "all"... the fullness, the depths, the journey. the dance of Life. for these she gave thanks.



  1. That Terri St. CLoud sure does know how to cut away all the frufru and get right to the heart of the matter, doesn't she. This one will stay with me for awhile.

  2. PS. I remember how much fun it was to send things that made Michael smile. And the caregiver in me knew that when Michael smiled, your world got a little brighter. Honored to have been a part of that.


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