Red Thread Retreat

Photo: 2012 Inaugural Red Thread Retreat

So what do you get when you mix art supplies...wax...wire...TAP (transfer artist paper) minded spirits...and LOVE?


A gathering of woman all there for reasons known to them...all there to be joined together with a red thread that will never be broken...all there to create and be creative...all there to learn not only from the instructors but from each other...all there to find out more about ourselves and the love of what we create...all there together to bond!  

I cannot bring justice to the emotional feelings I have about this retreat...nor the women that I was blessed to meet...Thank you to Lesley Riley for bringing this retreat to life does not seem like enough. I know that I am blessed...blessed to have been a part of something that has changed not only how I see myself but how I feel about myself and my creativity...blessed to have this connection with like minded souls...

With all that has gone on in my life over the past year and a half, I have let that creative side slip...I am blessed to have been reminded what a LARGE part that plays in my life. And that even though it is ok to let it slip every now and happiness level over flows when I allow it back in.

As I sit here today and begin once ever evolving process...I know that I am truely blessed!



  1. Patty,
    If you call all you've accomplished in the last year slipping, then I'm in big trouble. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to take stock and give yourself a creative gold star!
    I wish "retreats" didn't scare me so.

    1. Merry...this was an easy retreat because it was so small...I don't think I would do well with a large one. Everyone there was so nice...friendly...warm...caring...we all stayed in one retreat center with shared rooms so we got use to being together quickly...we had meals together and drank wine in the evening...and of course we did art. I think you might like either Jill's or Jen Loudens writing retreats...they are small too...


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