Follow your heart...

As I walk into my studio in hand ready to start my day I SEE and actually FEEL a poster that is on my wall...a poster that is a series of sentences...and it touches me today, I mean it really touches me.

Follow your heart...CREATE PEACE...Fall in LOVE...Show GRATITUDE...ENJOY the little things...DREAM BIG...Believe in MIRACLES...Discover your SPONTANEOUS...embrace every POSSIBILITY...BELIEVE in yourself...your life is NOW.

And although I see this every, it made me made me reflect...and it made me truly smile (deep in my soul). Perhaps in the wake of Sandy and all that is going on with so many people it caused me to really count my blessings...perhaps it is because I am very blessed and I needed to remember that...whatever the reason I am seeing and feeling this today.

Since Michael's passing my life has changed in so many ways...and so I reflect this morning on those wonderful things that have come my way this year.

1. I followed my heart and the book was published...I allowed myself quiet time...I reached out to others more...I went on a dream trip to France...I went to a retreat that has re sparked my creativity.

2. I am creating a peace in my life where I thought last year I would never have again. I am happy...smiling...and feeling alive.

3. I have fallen in love with my newly reunited family...and I have fallen back in love with other things in my life.

4. I try to remember all my gratefulness every day...I am still working on some of it!

5. The little things are so much more important to me than the big things...I reach out for them more and more each day.

6. I am once again DREAMING BIG!

7. I do...I do...I do believe in Miracles...For the biggest one of all has happened to me this year...I have been reunited with my son...43 years later!

8. My passion for creativity is being rediscovered...and there are many things that I am longing to do once again.

9. Spontaneous has never been a thing I did...planning is something that I always felt was needed. But with a shift in spirit I am giving myself permission to let the laundry stay put for another day if I want to do something else...I grab a hold of invitations without question now...and I let things be when they need to without worry.

10. Possibilities...I have started once again to embrace them...I am feeling stronger...and lighter...and I believe in so much again.

11. I DO BELIEVE IN MYSELF! It seems it has been a long time in the making, but it is happening again...I believe in my story...I believe in ME!

12. My life is NOW....this moment...this morning...and I am reading this poster and SEEING it and FEELING it loud and clear!      

Life is good!

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  1. Thank you very much, I appreciate that! And what a way to say it - such sage, wise and wonderful observations from a truly deserving artist! Makes me smile (and, well, miss you!!).
    the other Patti


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