Creativity Tune-up!

My mentor, Jill Badonsky, has a new book that is out and I will be interviewing her later this month.
If you are in need of a creativity tune-up...if you need to jump start your creativity...or if you just need a little humor in your life...READ THIS BOOK! (you'll be glad you did!!) Here is a little taste of what is in store for you!  Act quickly, because Amazon is having a SALE!

by Jill Badonsky
Following her perennial-seller The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder, creativity coach pioneer Jill Badonsky returns with a fun new book that will help readers get their creativity working like a well-oiled machine.
THE MUSE IS IN: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity (Running Press; Hardcover; $18.00; January 2013) outlines how to power up one’s genius. Think of Badonsky as your mechanic—for creativity. Her new book is a quirky preventative maintenance and service manual that will help you take your creativity out for a test drive, troubleshoot problems along the way, and offer tips for its proper care and upkeep, safeguarding it from any hiccups so that you’re running in top form. She charts with humorous illustrations what you need to know to get through common creative malfunctions such as procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, overwhelmed thinking, idea bankruptcy, and the dreaded no-clue-where-to-begin-ism.
From beating what she terms “The Duhs” by lubricating your common sense with what you already know, such as sticking to positive reinforcement instead of constant self-deprecation (duh!) and not comparing yourself to others (duh! again), to suggestions on ways to stay focused and step away from distractions, and how to fuel yourself into loving the creative process, Badonsky delivers the operating instructions needed for readers to spark their creative passion.
Also included are prompts for every day of the year, with quotes from some of the most well-known artists around like authors Walther Mosley and Ernest Hemingway writing about writing, to singer/actress Julie Andrews on discipline (for her it’s not a chore, it’s the path to freedom), and physician/essayist Lewis Thomas on worrying (note, things are always better in the morning); as well as exercises to really get the creative juices flowing.
And just as creativity is non-linear, readers can bounce around THE MUSE IS IN, opening to any page for inspiration. Everyone has creativity in them, and Badonsky’s new book will help readers reach their full potential by running on Muse control.
About the Author:
Jill Badonsky is an illustrator, humorist, nationally-recognized seminar leader, and creativity consultant. As the founder and director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, she consults with filmmakers, comedians, artists, writers, business leaders, and anyone who is experiencing procrastination and other blocks to positive change. She is the author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard), and The Awe-Manac. She lives in San Diego, CA. Visit her at,, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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