in-between times

My son, whom I have been reunited with after 43 years, (he was adopted) gave me a wonderful Christmas card which he wrote in. One of the statements that he made in the card was: "What gifts could I want more than I already have?"

My heart tells me that there is nothing secrets held to unturn about the adoption silent wondering where we each were in searching faces wondering if this could be my questions about if we wanted to meet each other...

The gifts we have been given within this year have gone beyond my wildest dreams. We have celebrated and honored our momentous occasions ...all of the "firsts" we have so far experienced in this year of re-connection. Today, I am thinking about the in-between times and I am celebrating those. While moving from one moment to the next is seldom considered by many a very significant occurrence...I am honoring those times that I have tuned into life's most simplest joys with him.

walking the dog with him and talking...driving in a car alone together...watching him interact with his family...singing silly songs and doing silly dances...walking arm in arm through a parking lot...sitting next to him on a sofa watching a movie or talking...or just sitting in silence in the same room together...

These times are so worthy of celebration...they are not landmark moments to most people but they are for me...for I am spending time with my son...FINALLY...connecting...I am paying attention to these times as they happen...I etch them into my memory...I focus on them the way he does when he snaps a photo.  These moments that allow me to slow down and see in my heart the wonders of what is taking place...the miracle of my life as it is now.

Far to often we let these simple moments pass us by...but it is these times with him...these pauses in life that I honor as some of the biggest milestones...they show me how wonderful my life is now that we are a part of it together.

So, "what gifts could I want more than I already have?"

My heart tells me that we indeed have it all!  My heart tells me that I am truly blessed.

What in-between time can you celebrate today?

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  1. how incredible is this? what a reminder that things really can turn out beautiful. not perfect...but beautiful......


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