# 24 Giving thanks...

(turn on your sound!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for...and that is what I am going to focus on today.

To often we all get caught up in the everyday routine of life that we overlook the things right in front of us that bring us joy...happiness...love. On Thanksgiving that is a day that we set aside time to STOP...LOOK...LISTEN to those things. However it only takes a few minutes every day to be thankful, I am taking those minutes every day...allowing the glass of life to be half full rather than half empty...I am sending my heart felt thanks for all who come here and read this blog, for the comments...for the support...for the reaching out...for the love I feel.

My Thanksgiving Day wish is that we all stop for a moment and think about some of the things, and people we are grateful for in our lives. Making a list in our heads or on paper. We each have so much to appreciate. When we take the time to acknowledge our many blessings, especially at this time of year, we utilize the power of gratitude in a way that benefits us and those around us in a profound way.


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