#7 I want...

For the past several months I have been changing my house around...giving it a fresh coat of paint...and new furniture...all which was long over due...along with this project I have found myself saying "I want"...Saying "I want" is so much different from "I need"...because of course I did not really "need" these things...

Then this morning across my mail box came my Bone Sigh for the day from the soulful Terri St. Cloud...A beautiful woman whom I have had the pleasure to know over the net for over 5 years or more now (some day we will meet in person!) and BAM...I was hit over the head and had to share her words with you today...THEY ARE POWERFUL!

i want

“ i want to really really live.
i want to laugh til my stomach tightens so much
that it aches and my legs hurt from my slapping
i want to cry from my gut and let the tears wash
me to where i need to go.
i want to hear the singing of my heart,
and let the sounds echo inside me
and i want to dance to that music.
i want to fill with compassion and touch
someone's face so gently that they can feel
the caring in my fingertips.
i want to love so deeply that my cells vibrate
with it and just standing near me you can
feel the buzz of the vibrations.
i want to know that i'm worthy and good
and i want to leave self doubt on the highway.
i want to touch the sky and recognize my
soul in it.
i want to walk in the rain and drop to my knees
in gratitude for this gift of life i have been given.
may i never ever forget what a gift it truly is. ”

~terri st. cloud

Thank you Terri for bringing to light what I REALLY WANT! Thank you Terri for being part of my life...I am so grateful!


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