Some days you just have to dance!

Today, I am reminded that no matter what is going on you always have a choice...So, my choice today is to despite the fact that I am tired and that the studio is torn apart and difficult to work in...despite the fact that my older kitty is having kidney failure and I know must be put down soon...despite the fact that the house is a mess and they are coming to appraise it!

Some days you just have to have to take all those "despite" thoughts and know and appreciate every thing else that is going on that is good. Realizing that someone else has much bigger fish to fry than I do...realizing that all those despite are just temporary and they will all work out and are really very small in the big scheme of things (well all that is but the kitty)
SO today, I dance...

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  1. My younger sister reminded me today to keep singing.
    With my singing and your dancing we'd make quite a pair!


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